Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yusef Lateef - Cry! Tender (1959)

Very soulful and lyrical jazz album to me. Recorded by Yusef Lateef playing various instruments (flute, saxophone, oboe, etc) in 1959.

Musicians :
Yusef Lateef : tenor sax, flute, oboe - Lonnie Hilyer : trumpet - Hugh Lawson : piano - Herman Wright : bass - Franck Gant : drums - Wilbur Harden : fluegelhorn - Ernie Farrow : bass - Oliver Jackson : drums

Cry! Tender

1. Sea Breeze
2. Dopolous
3. Cry! Tender
4. Butter's Blues
5. Yesterdays
6. The Snow Is Green
7. If You Could See Me Now
8. Ecaps

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Simon666 said...

Thanks for this. Have linked to your post in the Yusef Lateef discography, and have added your blog to the blogwatchAll the best,

pollux said...

Hi Simon !
Thanks so much for adding this first comment and adding my blog to blogwatch, your blog is really a reference to me so that's a great honour


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And here's the link :
Yusef Lateef - Cry! Tender (1959)