Saturday, November 27, 2010

Romantic Music Vol.2 (Chappell CIS 5049)

This rare library music was released in 1975 on British Chappell label.
It includes short cuts with a laid back atmoshpere between jazz and bossa either played by small groups or soloists.

Intriguing mood with ...
Moonlight Rhythm

... Or some sweet bossa flute
Brazilian Nights

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pierre Porte - Claviers Unlimited (MON 17)

On this easy lib lp recorded for Mondiophone label, French musician Pierre Porte (who composed many themes for french television in the 80s and had his own orchestra) play different keyboard types as accoustic and electric piano, harpsichord, glockenspiel or organ for example.

Thème 12

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JC Pierric - GO Vol. 2 (1002)

Go Reggae Vol. 2 is the second album of the sweet and rare "Go" library series recorded in the early 80's by legendary french arranger/composer/instrumentist J.C. Pierric.

Here's one preview.

Ho mama

And check out J.C. Pierric's blog for more.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chris Hinze - Vivat Vivaldi (1970)

Dutch flautist Chris Hinze is well known by jazz funk diggers for Bamboo Magic, an album recorded in 1978 with the Chris Hinze Combination formation.
In Vivat Vivaldi released for CBS records in Netherlands in 1970, he provides a beautiful work by paying tribute to classic composer and virtuoso violonist Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741). He shows in seven cuts choosen among the compositions of the baroque italian genius a nice ability to give them a natural jazz flavour. For each piece, the theme is exposed then musicians deeply appropriate themselves its spirit.
"Vivace from Sonata n° 6" is a long groovy 10 minutes piece with Hammond organ and hypnotic bass that spreads a sweet bluesy atmosphere.
"Allegro from Sonata n° 1 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 1)" is an uptempo swinging cut. "Largo From Concerto in C Major" is played as a nice introspective ballad. "Minuetto I/II Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)" has a nice spiritual touch.
"Allegro From Sonata n° 5" closes the album with a piece that begins like a chamber music theme with spinet in background and ends on an uptempo jazz cut played with bongos and an oriental-style flute.
The original Chris Hinze Quartet is accompanied with some other studio musicians.

Musicians :
Chris Hinze, Hutÿra Ferenc & Govert Jurrianse: flute, Henk Alkema: piano / spinet, Rob Langereis: bass, Peter Ypma: drums, Rien de Reede: alto flute, Wouler Möller: cello, Cor Willems: Hammond organ, Wim Vanderbeek: bongos

But let the music speak with the first cut of the album.

Vivace from Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)

A1 - Vivace from Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
A2 - Vivace from Sonata n° 6 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
A3 - Allegro from Sonata n° 1 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 1)
B1 - Largo From Concerto in C Major
B2 - Minuetto I/II Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
B3 - Largo From Part IV (The Winter) Of "The Four Seasons"
B4 - Allegro From Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fania All Stars - Delicate And Jumpy (1976)

One of the numerous albums of the huge catalog of the guaranteed quality Fania label. Salsa, boogaloo, latin jazz, etc. This label has represented all afro latin styles and its close derivatives.
Many great artists from Ray Barretto to Roberto Roena, from Tito Puente to Joe Bataan, from Joe Cuba to Mongo Santamaria, etc ... participated in the apogee of the label.

Just a note to say this lp also includes a version of the mellow Rosemary's Baby theme from prematuraly dead Polish jazz pianist Krzysztof Komeda.
Now about the album, it is surely neither the hottest nor the more salsa-oriented from the label, but it includes nice orchestrations/arrangements and we'll go back to more "hard salsa" later. But if you feel "caliente" now you can check out a hot session there.

Musicians :
Johnny Pacheco: flute & percussion, Bobby Valentin: bass, Ray Barretto: congas, Nicky Marrero: timbales, Roberto Roena: bongos, Papo Lucca: piano, Steve Winwood: guitar
Arranged and conducted by Gene Page.

First preview is the smooth I'll See You Again.

I'll See You Again

Second one is Fania All Stars'Cha Cha Cha. And it includes in the second part a nice groovy bass accompanied with flute that may give some ideas to some hip hop producers.

Fania All Stars'Cha Cha Cha

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Unity - Blow Thru Your Mind (1974)

Here a nice ballad retrieved from this legendary spiritual jazz album leaded by saxophonist Byron Morris and his Unity band (Tony Waters on percussion, conga and maracas, Mike Kull on piano, Abdush Shahid on drums, Vince McEwan on trumpet, Milton Suggs on bass, Jay Clayton on vocals). It was recorded in 1974 and reissued some years ago. Just a sparkling fragment of a timeless lyrical meditation.

Transcendental Lullaby

Sweet Colours (MON 40)

Rare and great library music album released on Creasound label bringing together compositions by Janko Nilovic, Pierre Sellin, Pascal Auriat, etc. It just sounds like a late french 60s movie with many wordless vocals and nice string arrangements. Just listen to Deliria, Ballade Pour Une Voix, the beautiful ballad Du Sable Et Du Vent or the nice well-named bossa tune Bossa Beach and you will see what I mean. If you're into french library music you should purchase this gem if you find it.

Trumpet On The Beach

A1 - Le Vent Dans Les Algues
A2 - Adagio Sur La Plage
A3 - Le Soleil Sur La Neige
A4 - Bossa Beach
A5 - Verseau
A6 - Ballade Pour Une Voix
A7 - Trumpet On The Beach
B1 - Ciel De Vacances
B2 - Snow And Tears
B3 - Du Sable Et Du Vent
B4 - Deliria
B5 - Soleil De Minuit
B6 - Concerto Pour Une Etoile