Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oliver Sain - Fused Jazz (1983)

Great dancin' funky Lp recorded by saxophonist / drummer / composer Oliver Sain in 1983. My favourites are "London Express", "Nothing's Real In L.A." (never can get rid of its intro) and "Feel Like Dancin'" with a pretty vocal bridge but all the album is a pure groovy funk demonstration !

Nothing's Real In L.A.

1. Bus Stop
2. London Express
3. We Got It
4. Nothing's Real In L.A.
5. 20-75
6. Strollin'
7. Feel Like Dancin'
8. Going Back To Memphis
9. Booty Bumpin'

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Simon666 said...

Hi pollux,
you've accidentally copied the Frank Cunimondo link here as well, instead of the Oliver Sain one ..

pollux said...

Hi Simon,
sorry and thanks for the info. I removed my comment including the bad link
Here's the good link :
Oliver Sain - Fused Jazz (1983)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Pollux, nice stuff ;)