Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Awakening - Mirage (1973)

Here's one of my scratchy original Lps. This is the group "The Awakening" recording the album "Mirage" in 1973 for the legendary Black Jazz Records label. Their second album after the more jazzy and also excellent "Hear, Sense And Feel" recorded in 1972.
Funk and Spiritual Jazz all along, an album to listen as an initiatic voyage.

Musicians :
Ken Chaney: keyboard - Franck Gordon: Trumpet - Steve Galloway: Trombone & percussions - Richard Brown: Tenor / Soprano sax - Arlington Davis Jr.: drums & percussions - Reggie Willis: bass - Rufus Ried: bass on "Slinky", "Glory To The Sun"- Drasheer Khalid: Percussions on "Ultimate Frontier", "Mirage" and "March On" - Anita Jeffereies / Ben Wright: vocals on "Ultimate Frontier"

1. Mode For D.D.
2. The Ultimate Frontier
3. Just A Little Peace
4. Slinky
5. Mirage
6. Glory To The Sun
7. March On

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pollux said...

The Awakening - Mirage (1973)

thoth said...

thank you so much for sharing. anything on black jazz is great and the awakening albums were some of the best of the lot. nice variety on this album without it being patchy sounding.