Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fabriano Fuzion - Cosmic Sindika (1982)

Here is a nice afro latin jazz LP from West Indies recorded in 1982 for Safran records by the "Fuzion" band leaded by bassist Serge Fabriano.
Deep and hypnotic mood (as in Kaladja Vivilo) and fresh percussion, berimbau, etc. accompanied with bass and nice vocals.

Musicians :
Edouard Labor: sax (on A4) - Pierre Labor: sax (on B1, B2) - Mario Pierrecelas, Hector Ficadière: percussion - Alain Jean-Marie: piano, synthetizer - drums: Claude Vamur - Mario Canonge: piano, percussion [ti bwa] - Serge Fabriano: vocals, berimbau, bass - Roger Raspail: vocals, bells, bongos, percussion, percussion, triangle - Suly Cally: vocals, bells, whistle, percussion [ka, ti bwa, calebasse] - Marie-Reine Lamoureux: vocals, percussion [calebasse] - Marie-Céline Fontaine: vocals, percussion [ti bwa]


A1. Kaladja Vivilo 1
A2. Kaladja Vivilo 2
A3. Karibean Suite
A4. Métamorphose
A5. Sé Kon Sa
B1. Kominiké
B2. Kosmos 1
B3. Kosmos 2
B4. Manège