Saturday, May 2, 2009

James Mason - Rhythm Of Life (1977)

Classical Funky Disco stuff by guitarist and multi keyboardist James Mason. Spacey keyboards and never stoppin' groove for this excellent album.
Recorded in 1977

Musicians :
James Mason : Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano, ARP Odissey, Polymoog, ARP String Ensemble, Vocals on Hey Hey Hey -Gene Torres : Bass - Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed : Congo Drums - Narada Michael Walden : Drums on all selections except I've Got My Eyes On You and Rhythm Of Life - Dwayne Perdue : Drums on I've Got My Eyes On You and Rhythm Of Life - Justo Almario : Saxophone - Philip Woo : Acoustic Piano on Mbewe and Solo on Hey Hey

Funny Girl

1. Sweet Power Your Embrace
2. Good Thing
3. Free
4. Mbewe
5. Funny Girl
6. Slick City
7. Rhythm Of Life
8. Hey Hey Hey
9. I've Got My Eyes On You
10. Dreams

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pollux said...
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pollux said...

updated link

troods said...

Been looking for this. Thanks so much!

senor pocopico said...

Groovy! Not only for the feet but for the mind also. Nice blog-will follow

pollux said...

Thanks for your kind comments Senor pocopico :)

see ya

Anonymous said...

I listen to this gem over & over...
Tears roll down.. I was in my teens back then..
A BIG thank you!!

pollux said...

Hi Willy, you're welcome !

tim said...

hello everyone, this beautiful record has been remastered and is now available on iTunes.

A.G said...

Soo Goood !
I have been listening this gem at least 30 times since I found it (4months ago)
Yu probably don t care but I felt the need to thank you....

pollux said...

Hi A.G., thanks to you for your kind thanks :)

ms325i said...

I just discovered James Mason whilst perusing You Tube..I was hooked after Funny Girl. Ordered the CD off of Ebay and now I am enjoying listening to it everyday. It is absolutely a gorgeous record.