Monday, June 29, 2009

Roland Kirk - Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith (1967)

One among the less adventurous and by consequence more "conventional" recordings by the great "showman" and multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk (Aug. 7, 1935 - Dec. 5, 1977), this album was released in 1967 for Verve label. Roland Kirk had the particularity to be able to play together several brass instruments including tenor saxophone, flute, manzello, stritch, castanets and some others.
But on the opposite of his habit, on this one he plays many instruments at the same time only sporadically. And this shows even more how outstanding his talent was and that he could be compared with many other great saxophonists.
Indeed it confirms that his playing was not only a batch of demonstrations about his ability to play several instruments even though he was one of the best (maybe the best) to possess this particular artistry to push back the frontiers of music.

The album contains two ballads, the Burth Bacharach's "Alfie" and the beautifully sad eponymous title, and also two blues, "Blue Rol" and the hot "Fallout". The bossa "Why Don't They Know", and more post-bop oriented "Stompin' Ground" or "It's A Grand Night For Swinging" are also part of these nice numbers.

Somehow, it is maybe one of the more "classic" albums by Roland Kirk and also certainly one of the more overlooked ones.
But of course be sure to dig out also "I Talk with The Spirits" or also "The Inflated Tear", etc. among all the quality albums this exceptional musician recorded.
Note the young Lonnie Liston Smith, then aged 27 and some years before his spacey electric sets, was on piano.

Musicians :
Roland Kirk: tenor saxophone, flute, stritch, manzello - Lonnie Liston Smith: piano - Ronald Boykins: bass - Grady Tate: drums

Alfie - Why Don't They Know - It's A Grand Night For Swinging

1. BLue Rol
2. Alfie
3. Why Don't They Know
4. Silverization
5. Fallout
6. Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith
7. Stompin' Ground
8. It's A Grand Night For Swinging

This album has been reissued in Lp format and also in a 2 albums CD package including the album "Rip, Rig and Panic".

Friday, June 26, 2009

Le Pamplemousse - S/T (1976)

This album mixes easy listening, funk and disco materials with different keyboards played by Michael Lewis (who also produced / recorded albums for "El Coco" with Laurin Rinder).
Lp Released by Le Pamplemousse band in 1976 for AVI records.
Includes some good break intros, cheezy covers of some standards (Manha De Carnival, Poinciana) but also more funky pieces (Gitcha Down) or disco (Soular Street, Song Of The Jet) and the famous "Gimmie What You Got".

Musicians :
Michael Lewis: synthesizer, clavinet - Washington "Soulman" Jones: organ, piano - Laurin Rinder: drums, percussion - Rapito: congas, tymbales - John Hunt, Jack Weber: guitar - Harry Kim: trumpet - Doug Richardson: tenor & soprano sax - Jo Bim Avanzi: tenor sax - Joe Bellamy: bass - Stan "Fingers" Fisher: bass on "Manha De Carnival" - Vocals: Adrienne Wiliams, Marsha Thacker, Kathy Nixon, Jerri Bocchino, Chris Bocchino, Mark Bryson

Gimmie What You Got

1. Manha De Carnival
2. Gimmie What You Got
3. Beginning Of The End
4. Poinciana
5. Gitcha Down
6. Soular Street
7. El Diablo Dorado
8. Love To Michelle
9. A Man And A Woman
10. Song Of The Jet
11. After The Carafe

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Bye Michael ... R.I.P. (Aug. 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J.C. Pierric - GO Vol. 1 (1001)

Previously I've posted an album released by French musician Daniel Janin featuring some of his best numbers. On this occasion I'd written some words about his friend and fellow musician Jean-Claude Pierric. J.C. Pierric participated to several libray music albums as "Go" (5 volumes, here is the first one), "Velvet Dreams", "News Boys" or "Delta Sound" for example, and also produced or played for some really rare and cult albums : Godchild, the Abrax albums, Harlem Pop Trotters ...

Concerning this today album, the first "Go" of the serie, the cover picture was taken on his excellent blog, but the rip presented here is mine.
There are few details about this album on the back cover which is as enigmatic as the nice but strange front cover.
Even the release year is not printed. Maybe end of 70's, beginning of 80's according to the electronic materials used in this full-of-inventiveness and very groovy disco / funk & easy library music.

M. Chadcar, J.C. Pierric, G. Gesina, V. Laitinen, M. Cron and P. Bernard.

Royal Society

1. Cinder Red Track
2. Mind For Sea
3. Feast Movable
4. Sweet Royal
5. Boggy Boggle
6. In Profusion
7. Chunk Loving
8. Simply Mamy
9. Aglow Life
10. Moving Kelpie
11. Royal Society
12. I'm Mirthful

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Leon Thomas - Full Circle (1973)

Back to some great spiritual jazz / soul album with singer Leon Thomas (best known for his cover of "The Creator Has A Master Plan" with saxophonist Pharoah Sanders on "Karma" album), who released this Lp in 1973 for the excellent Flying Dutchman label. This album is a mix of deep soul and nice string arrangements conducted by Glenn Osser with a great all stars combo.
"It's My Life I'm Fighting For" is a long funk piece with nice solos. Includes also the up-tempo "Just In Time To See The Sun", the fast bossa "Balance Of Life (Peace Of Mind)" with some good electric piano by Neal Crecque + nice cover of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life".

Musicians :
Leon Thomas: vocals - Neal Creque: acoustic and electric piano - Joe Beck, Lloyd Davis: guitare - Richard Davis: bass - Bernard Pretty Purdie: drums, congas - Jimmy Owens: trumpet - Pee Wee Ellis: soprano sax - Sonny Morgan: congas, percussion - Joe Farrell: flute - Herbie Lovelle: drums - Richard Pablo Landrum: percussion + Strings

It's My Life I'm Fighting For (excerpt) - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

1. Sweet Little Angel
2. Just In Time To See The Sun
3. It's My Life I'm Fighting For
4. Never Let Me Go
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are
6. Got To Be There
7. Balance Of Life
8. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
9. What Are We Gonna Do?

P.S.: This album is available here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound - 9 (1977)

Nice Salsa album released by Puerto Rican band "Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound", recorded in 1977 for Fania records and led by Roberto Roena (who also was a member of the famous "Fania All Stars" combo). Some nice brass and percussion arrangements and vocals, and a funky intro on "Los Demas".

Musicians :
Roberto Roena: Leader / bongo - Mario Alvarez Cora, Ramon Morales, Fernando Mareano: trumpet - Miguel Rodriguez: Sax Tenor - Julio Merced: trombon - Jose Priesto: piano - Jose Souffront: bass - Feo. Clemente: conga - Domingo Santos: timbales - vocals: Papo Sanchez, Tito Cruz, Mario Cora, Ruben Blades, Adalberto Santiago

Que Me Lo Den En Vida

1. Marejada Feliz
2. Que Me Lo Den En Vida
3. Ya Ves No Te Quiero
4. Dejame Demostrarte
5. Nadie Sabe
6. Los Demas
7. La Distancia
8. Amor En Banca Rota
9. Hay Que Saber Comenzar

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Juan Carlos Calderon - Y Su Taller De Musica Vol. 2 (1975)

Some inspired spanish funk with nice orchestration led by arranger / composer / singer Juan Carlos Calderon. The album was released in 1975 for CBS label. It begins with "Fiesta", a mid-tempo ballad with nice arrangements. More groovy rhythms for "Tio Sam", "Mafioso" and the standard "Eleanor Rigby", mixed with more easy listening moments like "Marilyn" or "Laurel & Hardy".

Tio Sam

1. Fiesta
2. Tio Sam
3. La Diligencia
4. Marilyn
5. Eleanor Rigby
6. California
7. Mafioso
8. Mi Pequeno Chopin
9. Laurel & Hardy
10. El Desfile

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friends From Rio 2 (FARO 029 - 1998)

Many among you do know the Farout records label. And if you don't then you will. This modern brasilian-oriented label (that sometimes reissues some old brasilian albums from the past) was created 15 years ago and recorded albums for multi-instrumentalist Marcos Valle, vocalist Joyce, Celia Vaz, Azymuth (their album "Carnival" is a classic), etc ...
On 1998 was released the "Friends From Rio 2" album whose goal was to bring together some of the finest brasilian musicians of this new generation. On this album you can find some nice pieces including fender rhodes like "Dona Cora", by keyboardist Fabio Fonseca. This song begins quietly then goes mid-tempo and then takes an explosive samba rhythm with nice percussions.

Musicians :
Fabio Fonseca: fender thodes - C.A.: drums - Andre Rodriguez: bass - Reginaldo Vargas: various percussions

Fabio Fonseca - Dona Cora (Friends From Rio 2)

Tony Williams (Dec. 12, 1945 - Feb. 23, 1997)

Anthony Williams. Better known as Tony Williams. This great jazzman drummer (one of my some favourite ones with Elvin Jones and Ed Blackwell) played with so many other monsters like Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Eric Dolphy, Bobby Hutcherson, Ron Carter, formed in the 70's V.S.O.P. with his old Miles' Quintet fellows (with Freddie Hubbard on trumpet) and later in a more jazz-rock oriented mode with John McLaughlin and Larry Young (with whom he formed his excellent "Lifetime" band), then still with Miles during his jazz-pop-rock experiences, also participated to Weather Report albums, and again and again ...
His fine, percussive, colourful, open playing, always in search of perfection was unique but has also influenced many generations of musicians and will do so still for many decades to come.
I just wanted to pay tribute to this great musician through one of my favourite songs from his 60's period : "Love song", a beautiful waltz, released on "Spring" album in 1965 for Blue Note label and recorded by sound engineer Rudy Van Gelder, of course.

Musicians :
Tony Williams : drums - Gary Peacock : bass - Herbie Hancock: piano - Wayne Shorter, Sam Rivers : tenor sax

Love Song

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Azteca - Azteca (1972)

Here's a great Latin Funk record released by Azteca in 1972 For Columbia records. The music was arranged by percussionist Coke Escovedo and trumpeter/composer Tom Harrell.

get credits from discogs.


1. La Piedra Del Sol
2. Mamita Linda
3. Ain't Got No Special Woman
4. Empty Prophet
5. Can't Take The Funk Out Of Me
6. Peace Everybody
7. Non Pacem
8. Ah! Ah!
9. Love Not Then
10. Azteca
11. Theme: La Piedra Del Sol

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Les Givrés (Musique Originale Du Film - 1980)

Ok ... I can admit the sleeve of this obscure 80's french movie - whose title make think about the classic (in France !) serial movies "Les Bronzés"- is not really attractive. But this record released in 1980 on Baret label presents some kind of unexpected french disco curio like "Arco Disco" and "One Day Each Day" (but also more easy pop music that one could call "typically french" music ...).
"Nathalie Thème"'s vocal part can briefly remind of some Cortex-like songs (just an excuse to make a reference to this great french 70's funk band, if you don't have them then you just have to purchase their 3 first monster Lps !).
The compositions were written by Jean-Pierre Bouaziz and Yves Dessca and arrangements were performed by P. and A. Francfort and Jean-François Boudinou.

Nathalie Thème

Arco Disco

One Day Each Day

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The John Payne Band - The Razor's Edge (1978)

Solid jazz funk record released by saxophonist/flutist John Payne and his band for Freedom Records (FLP 41036) in 1978. Includes some great and spacy fender rhodes / bass / percussion stuff with very groovy rhythms.

Musicians :
John Payne: tenor / soprano / bariton sax, flute - Louis Levin: fender rhodes, acoustic piano, clavinet, synthetizers - Scott Lee: electric and acoustic bass - Gerald Murphy: tama drums / percussion - Ricardo Torres: congas, timbales, percussion

Sounds From The Sea's Edge

1. Lolita
2. Sounds From The Sea's Edge
3. Himiola
4. Ariadne
5. The Razor's Edge
6. New Spaces
7. Electric Lush
8. Past Days
9. Reaching

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yuji Ohno - Castle Of Cagliostro (1983)

This weekend I listened again one great japanese funk album from singer Tatsuro Yamashita, "Spacy", recorded in 1977. Just listen for pleasure some excerpts of this album on the let's get funk blog ("Solid Slider" is a killer).
You can also listen to the dope and rare Adventure Of Kohsuke Kindaichi album for still more great japanese funk on the pyrexscholar blog.
So today I wanted to share some stuff from one of my favourite japanese arrangers: Yuji Ohno. He is responsible for many 80's manga soundtracks as Lupin the 3rd, Captain Future, etc. His style is quickly recognizable, and is often mixing electric piano, flute, bass loops and other various sound effects that participate to a special atmosphere.
Here are some of the most groovy tracks from one of his recordings, Castle Of Cagliostro - not really his funkiest album but some really good moments and beautiful arrangements -, released for a movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki and recorded in 1983 for RCA Japan.

Towards The Patrol Of Line Variation

A Riddle Of Underground Waterworks

Tropical Wave Variation

1. Towards The Patrol Line Variation
2. Fire Treasure Variation I
3. Sneakin'
4. Fire Treasure Variation II
5. A Riddle Of Underground Waterworks
6. Fire Treasure Variation II
7. Strange Sensation
8. Fire Treasure
9. You are Like Breeze Variation
10. Widding
11. In The Lun-Lun Variation
12. Tropical Wave Variation
13. The Plot Of The Earl
14. Mystery Zone
15. Lone Wolf
16. Uncanny Night
17. Mysterious Journey Variation

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daniel Janin - Vade Retro (1975)

Record released by Daniel Janin with his orchestra in 1975 for the legendary 70's french label "Les Tréteaux" (on which was released the very rare "Godchild" library album). Daniel Janin released several records under various aliases (Eddy Driver, etc.) on this quite eclectic label with his accomplice Jean-Claude Pierric and also collaborated with singer Nancy Holloway (check the stunning title "Hurt So Bad" recorded for the "Escale Party" album).
On this album you can find (hidden beyond some hits pop covers) some real killer funk gems typical of this french funk touch of the 70's like "Saramina", "Black Knight", or "Shout".
Note also the quiet cover of the Duke Ellington's Solitude.

Black Knight

1. Vade Retro
2. Chattanooga Choo Choo
3. Assez C'est Assez
4. Le Prince D'Amour
5. Shout
6. Ce N'est Pas Un Au Revoir
7. Vanina
8. Solitude
9. Saramina
10. Black Night
11. Coming Back Home
12. La Déclaration D'Amour

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zébaron - Concerto Pour Une Flute (1976)

Great french bossa nova album released by Zébaron playing flute + some slow standards covers (Jeux Interdits, Aranjuez), recorded in 1976 for Mfp label. My fav' one is "Mélancolie", a beautiful and lyrical 10 minutes piece.

J.C. Gozzo: flute - Sergio Renucci: guitar - Bibi Rover: bass - Fred Desplan: percussions

7 Rue Decres

1. Concerto Pour une flute
2. Jeux Interdits
3. Le Baron
4. Mélancolie
5. Versailles
6. Aranjuez
7. 7 Rue Decres
8. Rencontre

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Steel Funk (STF001)

The idea for this today's post came to me after visiting the moogsensation's blog which reminded me that I had this record somewhere. It's "Steel Funk", a funk compilation oriented to steel drums, a typical instrument originary from Trinidad And Tobago (Southern Carribean).

The Dutch Ryhthm And Steel Band
- Funky Stuff

Earl Rodney - Midnight Man

1. The Dutch Rhyhm And Steel Band : Funky Stuff
2. Sapodilla Punch : Hold On I'm Coming
3. Trinidad And Tobago Steel All Stars : Do Your Thing
4. Trinidad Steel Drummers : Cissy Strut
5. Original Tropicana Steel Band : Funky Abbey Road
6. Carl McKnights Sweat And Steel Drums Band : Ain't No Sunshine
7. Original Tropicana Steel Band : Calypso Rock
8. Earl Rodney : Midnight Man
9. 20th Century Steel Band : Heaven And Hell Is On Earth
10. Nite Blues Steel Band : T S O P
11. Carl McKnights Sweat And Steel Drum Band : The Devils Out Tonight

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