Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny Pate - Outrageous (1970)

Outrageously great soul jazz session by composer & arranger Johnny Pate, who also released some blaxploitation movie soundtracks like "Shaft In Africa" (plus other Shaft OSTs) and "Brother On The Run".
Great all-stars combo. Recorded in 1970 for MGM records.

Snooky Young: trumpet - Montegro Joe: Conga - Al grey: trombone - Bernard Purdie: drums - Marky Markowitz - Chuck Rainey: bass - Cornell Dupree: guitar - Joe Beck: guitar - George Devens: percussion - Jerome Richardson: flute - Thomas Mitchell: trombone - Richard Tee: organ - Ernie Royal: trumpet

Constant Wind - That Ain't Too Cool

1. Outrageous
2. Constant Wind
3. That Ain't Too Cool
4. Frustrating Disappointment
5. Bound To Happen
6. No Hang Ups
7. Patience
8. You're Starting Too Fast
9. Totally Unexpected
10. Sangria

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roy Porter - Jessica (1974)

Funk Lp recorded by drummer Roy Porter in 1974 for Vistone label. Includes the famous "Jessica" with a both latin and funk flavour. Very groovy brass section playing various styles.

Here I just propose to you in streaming format the side A of this album since side B of my Lp has many scratches that I could not remove and is not in a very clean state. Anyway, the second side is not the best of the album in my opinion but ok that's no excuse ;)
If someone has a full recording of this Lp in a good state then it would be appreciated.

Musicians :
Roy Porter: drums - Jimmy Holloway, Leslie Hargrove: guitar - Tollie Moore: electric piano - Bob Davis: irgan - Charles Jones: Fender bass - Oscar Dye: congas - Hense Powell, James Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn - Lester Robertson: trombone - Jack H. Fulks: tenor sax, flute - Sone' Campbell: tenor sax

Jessica - Funky Twitch - Hip City - Hense-Forth (excerpt)

1. Jessica
2. Funky Twitch
3. Hip City
4. Hense-Forth
5. Drums For Daryl
6. "Wow"
7. Ooh-La-La

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

African Music Machine - Water Black Gold (1972)

One quite rare album recorded by this obscure group in 1972. Solid brass session accompanied with good guitar riffs and heavy funky bass.

Louis Villery: bass, vocals - Louis Acom: drums - Tyrone Dotson: tenor sax - Osman: percussion - Amal: trumpet - Ete-Ete: tenor sax, flute - Jumbo: guitar - Obitu: piano, organ

Tropical - Making Nassau Fruit Drink

1. Black Water Gold (Pearl)
2. Mr. Brown
3. A Girl In France
4. The Dapp
5. Never Name A Baby (Before It's born)
6. Tropical
7. Making Nassau Fruit Drink
8. Camel Time

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Funk Inc - Hangin' Out (1972)

Funky album recorded by Funk Inc. in 1972 for Prestige label. Includes Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love" and Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now".

Bobby Watley: organ - Gene Barr: tenor sax - Steve Weakley: guitar - Jimmy Mumford: drums - Cecil Hunt: conga - Gordon Edwards: eletric bass

Give Me Your Love

1. Smokin' At Tiffany
2. Give Me Your Love
3. We Can Be Friends
4. Dirty Red
5. I Can See Clearly Now
6. I'll Be Around

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jackie McLean - Music From The Connection (1959)

Pianist Freddie Redd composed this music for the Jack Gelber's "The Connection" play and recorded it for the mythical BLue Note jazz label with saxophonist Jackie McLean in 1959. One word about the play : it deals with a jazz band of junkies that are waiting for their "fix". The atmosphere, actor's play and of course music describe the despair of their condition and show the steps of excitment, sadness and excess.
Jackie McLean's playing is warm and reaches a full and deep inspiration thanksfull to the melancholic melodies of the album and clean rhythm section where Freddie Redd takes nice solos.

"Time To Smile" is the optimistic tune of the album, showing the excitment for an addict to get what he wants.
Time To Smile

"Theme For Sister Salvation" begins on a march rhythm and quickly gets into a sad but beautiful ballad.
Theme For Sister Salvation

Musicians :
Jackie Mc Lean: alto sax - Freddie Redd: Piano - Michael Mattos: bass - Larry Richie: drums

1. Who Killed Cock Robin
2. Wigglin'
3. Music Forever
4. Time To Smile
5. Theme For Sister Salvation
6. Jim dunn's Dilemma
7. O.D.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Awakening - Mirage (1973)

Here's one of my scratchy original Lps. This is the group "The Awakening" recording the album "Mirage" in 1973 for the legendary Black Jazz Records label. Their second album after the more jazzy and also excellent "Hear, Sense And Feel" recorded in 1972.
Funk and Spiritual Jazz all along, an album to listen as an initiatic voyage.

Musicians :
Ken Chaney: keyboard - Franck Gordon: Trumpet - Steve Galloway: Trombone & percussions - Richard Brown: Tenor / Soprano sax - Arlington Davis Jr.: drums & percussions - Reggie Willis: bass - Rufus Ried: bass on "Slinky", "Glory To The Sun"- Drasheer Khalid: Percussions on "Ultimate Frontier", "Mirage" and "March On" - Anita Jeffereies / Ben Wright: vocals on "Ultimate Frontier"

1. Mode For D.D.
2. The Ultimate Frontier
3. Just A Little Peace
4. Slinky
5. Mirage
6. Glory To The Sun
7. March On

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brian Augers's Oblivion Express - Straight Ahead (1974)

One of the best and most jazz funk-oriented albums (with "Closer To It") by Oblivion Express (just my opinion). And showing Brian Auger playing much fender rhodes, which I particularly appreciated since I've discovered (quite long ago now !) the "Thrust" album by Herbie Hancock's Headhunters.
While I'm not particularly a fan of the vocals by Brian Auger, it is important to listen enough to each piece (a bit more than 2 minutes as for "Beginning Again" for example) to see how groovy and inventive this musician can be, accompanied with this excellent rhythmic session.
"Bumpin' On Sunset" is the only completely instrumental piece and reminds by its arrangement of the Wes Montgomery cover, with a deep organ touch.
The last piece "You'll Stay In My Heart" is the mellow one of the album and Brian Auger then delivers an inspired rhodes solo.

Musicians :
Brian Auger : organ, fender rhodes, piano, moog, Freeman string machine and vocals - Barry Lean : bass guitar - Jack Mills : guitar - Lennox Laington : congas - Steve Ferrone : drums - Mirza Al Sharif : timbales, percussion

Beginning Again

You'll Stay In My Heart

1. Beginning Again
2. Bumpin' On Sunset
3. Straight Ahead
4. Change
5. You'll Stay In My Heart

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Crusaders - Those Southern Knights (1976)

/ Funk Lp recorded by the great multi sampled Crusaders guys in 1976.

Musicians :

Wayne Henderson: trombone - Wilton Felder: Tenor sax - Joe Sample : keyboards - "Stix" Hooper: Drums - Larry Carlton: Guitar - Robert Popwell: bass - Arthur Adams: Guitar


1. Spiral
2. Keep that Same Old Feeling
3. My Mama Told Me So
4. 'Til The Sun Shine
5. And Then There Was The Blues
6. Serenity
7. Feeling Funky

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yusef Lateef - Cry! Tender (1959)

Very soulful and lyrical jazz album to me. Recorded by Yusef Lateef playing various instruments (flute, saxophone, oboe, etc) in 1959.

Musicians :
Yusef Lateef : tenor sax, flute, oboe - Lonnie Hilyer : trumpet - Hugh Lawson : piano - Herman Wright : bass - Franck Gant : drums - Wilbur Harden : fluegelhorn - Ernie Farrow : bass - Oliver Jackson : drums

Cry! Tender

1. Sea Breeze
2. Dopolous
3. Cry! Tender
4. Butter's Blues
5. Yesterdays
6. The Snow Is Green
7. If You Could See Me Now
8. Ecaps

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Jose Mangual - Buyu (1977)

For all latin percussions lovers, here's an Lp recorded by percussionist José Mangual in 1977 tainted with latin jazz and funk on "Black & Brown Boogie". "Dreamy" is a beautiful latin ballad. "Mai Kinshasa"'s slow and intriguing introduction sets the basis of a great rythmic piece of inspired salsa groove all along. Like the rest of the whole album.

Musicians :
José Mangual : Bongo, Guiro, Cowbell, Tamborim - Carlos Valdez: Conga, Tamborin - Bobby Rodriguez : Bass - Luis Ortiz : Trumpet, Synthetizer - Dick Meza : Tenor Sax, Flute - Jimmy Knepper : Trombone - Keith O'Quinn : Trombone - Artie Azenszar : Piano - Rubens Bassini : Pandiera, Cowbell, Tamborin


1. Mai Kinshasa
2. Dreamy
3. Chinatown
4. Summit
5. More
6. Black & Brown Boogie
7. Sunrise PRince
8. Bamba A Puerto Rico

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ben Sidran - Don't Let Go (1974)

Great Jazz and Funky album recorded in 1974 by pianist and vocalist Ben Sidran. Includes "Hey Hey Baby" sampled by french rapper MC Solaar for "Victime de la mode" cover in 1994.

Musicians :
Drums & Percussion: Clyde Stubbefield, George Brown, Phil Upchurch, Tom Piazza - Bass: Phil - Upchurch / Kip Merklein / Randy Fullertoon - Guitar: James Cooke / Phil Upchurch - Harmonica: Jerry Alexander - Alto Sax: Bunky Green - Tenor Sax: Sonny Steals - Strings arranged by Les Hooper - Horns arranged by Sonny Burke - Piano / Vocals: Ben Sidran - Organ: Jim Peterman

Hey Hey Baby

1. Fat Jam
2. House Of BLue Lites
3. Ben Sidran's Midnite Tango
4. The Chicken Glide
5. She's Funny That Way
6. Monopoly
7. Don't Let Go
8. Hey Hey Baby
9. The Foolkiller
10. The Funky Elephant
11. Snatch
12. Down To The Bone

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Oliver Sain - Fused Jazz (1983)

Great dancin' funky Lp recorded by saxophonist / drummer / composer Oliver Sain in 1983. My favourites are "London Express", "Nothing's Real In L.A." (never can get rid of its intro) and "Feel Like Dancin'" with a pretty vocal bridge but all the album is a pure groovy funk demonstration !

Nothing's Real In L.A.

1. Bus Stop
2. London Express
3. We Got It
4. Nothing's Real In L.A.
5. 20-75
6. Strollin'
7. Feel Like Dancin'
8. Going Back To Memphis
9. Booty Bumpin'

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The Franck Cunimondo Trio - Introducing Lynn Marino (1971)

Jazz gem recorded by pianist Franck Cunimondo Trio with singer Lynn Marino in 1971.
Including the classical "Feelin' Good" and some other good dreamy original compositions as "Love So Fine" or "Beyond The Clouds".

Musicians :
Lynn Marino : Vocals - Franck Cunimondo : Piano - Mike Taylor : Bass - Roger Humphries : Drums

Love So fine

1. Love So fine
2. Beyond The Clouds
3. A House Is Not A Home
4. Animal Cackers In My Soup
5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
6. Feelin' Good
7. Until It's Time
8. Pretty Pretty
9. Soon It's Gonna Rain
10. We've Only Just Begun

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

James Mason - Rhythm Of Life (1977)

Classical Funky Disco stuff by guitarist and multi keyboardist James Mason. Spacey keyboards and never stoppin' groove for this excellent album.
Recorded in 1977

Musicians :
James Mason : Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano, ARP Odissey, Polymoog, ARP String Ensemble, Vocals on Hey Hey Hey -Gene Torres : Bass - Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed : Congo Drums - Narada Michael Walden : Drums on all selections except I've Got My Eyes On You and Rhythm Of Life - Dwayne Perdue : Drums on I've Got My Eyes On You and Rhythm Of Life - Justo Almario : Saxophone - Philip Woo : Acoustic Piano on Mbewe and Solo on Hey Hey

Funny Girl

1. Sweet Power Your Embrace
2. Good Thing
3. Free
4. Mbewe
5. Funny Girl
6. Slick City
7. Rhythm Of Life
8. Hey Hey Hey
9. I've Got My Eyes On You
10. Dreams

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Michel Magne - S.A.S A San Salvador (1982)

Here is my first post on this blog ! Hope you will enjoy it !!
This is the great "S.A.S. A San Salvador" Original Sound Track composed and played by French keyboardist Michel Magne in 1982.
Arranged by Sergio Renucci with vocals from David Rose.
Well known "Grand Theme Malko" with fender rhodes feature is a pure gem.
Theme Malko - piscine has a kind of erotic 70's mood that one can enjoy too

Musicians :
Jean-Pierre Batailley : drums -Sauveur Mallia : bass - Francis Lockwood : keyboards - Basile : guitare - Steve : percussions / special effects - Yvon and Alain Guillard : saxophone and trumpet - Guillaume : trombone - Andre Tomasso : saxophone alto + flute

1. To Be My Love
2. Sex, Love And Money
3. To Be My Love (instrumental guitare)
4. Theme Malko - suspense -
5. Theme Cubain
6. S.A.S A San Salvador
7. Grand Theme Malko
8. Theme Malko - piscine -
9. Musique Reception
10. To Be My Love (instrumental saxophone)

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