Monday, November 16, 2009

Vikings De La Guadeloupe - Dégagez Payez Impots (1976)

This quite rare lp from guadeloupean orchestra "Vikings De La Guadeloupe" was recorded in 1976 for Les 3A label. This group included bassist Pierre-Edouard Decimus and played both traditional music (let's say this band invented "zouk" music) and some more funk-oriented stuff. The two best pieces of this album are certainly the groovy and hypnotic "Funky Duke" and the latin "Ven A Comer".

Musicians :
Pierre-Edouard Decimus: bass - Camille "Soprann" Hildevert: saxophone - Max "Maxo" Severin : voice - Happy Lewis: trumpet - Guy Jacquet: guitar - Pierre Menade: piano

Funky Duke
Ven A Comer

1. Dégagez
2. Payez Impots
3. Goge A Yo Si Compte A Yo
4. Funky Duke
5. Magma Tension
6. Sauve Qui Peut
7. Pa Desesperé
8. Ven A Comer

Monday, November 2, 2009

Patsy Gallant - Patsy! (1978)

This 1978 album recorded for Attic label by Canadian singer Patsy Gallant is tainted with some disco and easy ballads. Stand out tracks are the groovy "It'll All Come Around" and the fast brazilian classic "Te Caliente".

It'll All Come Around

Te Caliente