Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Das Wunder Stereo

This interesting german lp released on Marcato label sounds like a demo lp to test your hi-fi installation on Side A, with several atmosphere noises and a man introducing them in german language.
Side B is fully instrumental, with some nice short cuts orcherstrated by British composers (Syd Dale, Steve Gray, etc) as "Number One Spy" or "In-Time", embedding different styles.

Shifting Sands Of Sound

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warmth II (70s)

Very rare private press jazz LP recorded in the 70s by several Santa Cruz musicians. This seems to be the second album by this group. It includes covers of standards like "Laura", "I Only Haves Eyes For You" and "I'll Never Smile Again".

Musicians :
Don McCaslin: vibes, piano - Gary Grifith: piano - Stan Poplin, Bob Boeme, Steve Berman: bass - Con Moto: drums - John Thomson: congas - Franck E. Castellanos: congas, trombone - Wesley Braxton: tenor sax - Wayne Goodwin: violin, viola - Larry Scale: guitar - Ron Williams, Harry Woodward: vocal

Here a cover of Lennon/McCartney standard

Fool On The Hill