Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Franck Cunimondo Trio - Introducing Lynn Marino (1971)

Jazz gem recorded by pianist Franck Cunimondo Trio with singer Lynn Marino in 1971.
Including the classical "Feelin' Good" and some other good dreamy original compositions as "Love So Fine" or "Beyond The Clouds".

Musicians :
Lynn Marino : Vocals - Franck Cunimondo : Piano - Mike Taylor : Bass - Roger Humphries : Drums

Love So fine

1. Love So fine
2. Beyond The Clouds
3. A House Is Not A Home
4. Animal Cackers In My Soup
5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
6. Feelin' Good
7. Until It's Time
8. Pretty Pretty
9. Soon It's Gonna Rain
10. We've Only Just Begun

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pollux said...
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Bill said...

I`ve got "Feeling good" on a comp, it`s EXCELLENT! I`m really looking forward to this one,thanks for sharing!

pollux said...

updated link

thoth said...

interesting...roger humphries played with horace silver in mid 60s then i heard nothing of him...glad to see he continued playing, at least for a bit. thank you so much for sharing.

Marco said...

I have found out about this album last week and absolutely love it. Any chance you would be able to reup it? Appreciate all your efforts! Marco from

JY said...
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DD GE said...

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