Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Willie Bobo - Hell Of An Act To Follow (1978)

Late nicely arranged latin jazz album by percussionist Willie Bobo, recorded in 1978 for Columbia records and produced by Wayne Henderson.
It includes some groovy numbers as "Always There", "Snort Of Green" or "Sixty-Two Fifty" and a sweet cover of "Dindi".


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1. Always There
2. Keep That Same Old Feeling
3. Together
4. Pisces
5. Dindi
6. Snort Of Green
7. Fairy Tales For Two
8. Sixty-Two Fifty

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

H. Rierat / M. Santini - Rafraichissant (Musax 100 016)

Fresh and rare french library album that begins with the groovy "L'Oeuf Dur" and then goes on with some nice easy jazz bossa sound.
No information about the musicians : flute / electric piano / bass / drums
Recorded on Musax label (early 80s).

L'Oeuf Dur

1. L'Oeuf Dur
2. Quart De Rouge
3. Tortilla Espagnola
4. Escalope Milanaise
5. Onko Le Roi
6. Canaris De Rechange
7. Epinards Rouges
8. Lèvres En Bois
9. Poucet Le Chat
10. Reglisse The Cat
11. Sortie De Boule
12. Petite Perle
13. La Belle A Laurence
14. Les Bonnes Notes De Valerie

Young-Holt Unlimited - Mellow Dreamin' (1970)

Classic soul funk lp recorded in 1970 on Cotillion records by the Young / Holt combo. This album includes great covers of "Wichita Lineman" and overall "Midnight Cowboy" + several originals as "The Creeper" or the beautiful "Melllow Dreamin'". Definitely one of their bests.

Eldee Young: string bass, electric bass, 8 string & electric cello - Isaac "Redd" Holt: drums - Kenneth Channey: piano & organ - Franck Gordon: trumpet, fluegelhorn

The Creeper

1. The Devil Made Me Do Dat
2. Going In Circles
3. Witchita Lineman
4. Mellow Dreamin'
5. Trippin'
6. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
7. The Creeper
8. There'll Be A Greater Day
9. Black And White
10. Midnight Cowboy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

George Muribus - Brazilian Tapestry (1976)

This nice brazilian jazz lp was recorded by pianist George Muribus in 1976 for Catalyst records.
Actually, as the liner notes say, it can be separated into 2 parts: first side is more oriented to brazilian electric sounds while side B is accoustic and played on a very inspired piano / bass / drums jazz mode. To me, kind of a classic.

George Muribus: electric piano (side A) / accoustic piano (side B) - Michael Howell: guitar - Vince Denham: saxophone - Vince Lateano: drums - Willie Colon: conga - Dave Dunaway: bass (side A) - Len Lasher: bass (side B)

The Dolphin

1. Brazilian Tapestry
2. I Won't Last A Day Without You
3. The Dolphin
4. Pocrasni
5. Diminishing Returns
6. Night Flower
7. Alon

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scope - II (1974)

Nice dutch jazz rock album by Scope band released in 1974 for Atlantic records.
This group recorded only 2 albums, first one was more oriented to progressive rock music.
This one is a good blend of jazz rock effects with a really solid rhytmic section and interesting pieces and solos.

Rick Elings: fender bas guitar, hammond organ, arp synthetizer, grand piano, gemeinhart flute - Rob Franken: fender rhodes, piano, arp odiseey synthetizer - Rens Nieuwland: guitar, 12 string guitar - Henk Zomer: drums

High Checker

1. Tamotua
2. Frisky Frog Funk
3. Shuttle Service
4. Ant-Artica
5. Big Ferro
6. High Checker
7. Shuffle Funk Dog
8-9. The Zebra Part I/II

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Marcos Valle - Nova Bossa Nova (1997)

Late work by Marcos Valle released in 1997 on Farout records (go to visit http://www.faroutrecordings.com for more stuff)
Ideal brasilian stuff for summer thoughts :) I particularly like "Nordeste" for its nice rhodes solo and also the fast "Bar Ingles". Enjoy ...

Novo Visual

1. Novo Visual
2. Abandonu
3. Cidade Aberto
4. Bahia Blue
5. Nova Bossa Nova
6. Nordeste
7. Bar Ingles
8. A Vontage

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Camille Sauvage - Caminou (MON26)

Nice and rare 70s curiosity, this french library Lp was released by Camille Sauvage on Creasound records. Includes nice arrangements with flutes, clarinets, ondes martenot, bugle, trombone, organ, saxes, vibraphone, guitars, percussions, etc.
Pieces go from classic, folk to easy listening music or jazz - no funk here except maybe on "Helga" and "Moulin A vent"-.

Moulin A Vent (Wind Mill)

1. Les Caminou
2. Carillon Rose
3. Baby Polka
4. Bebe Reve
5. Miss Berlingot
6. Pierrot Et Colombine
7. Bateau Mouche
8. Maison De Poupee
9. Les Petits Soldats
10. Helga
11. Noel En Autriche
12. Les Elfes
13. Moulin A Vent (Wind Mill)
14. Le Petit Train
15. Guimbarde Western

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