Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jose Mangual - Buyu (1977)

For all latin percussions lovers, here's an Lp recorded by percussionist José Mangual in 1977 tainted with latin jazz and funk on "Black & Brown Boogie". "Dreamy" is a beautiful latin ballad. "Mai Kinshasa"'s slow and intriguing introduction sets the basis of a great rythmic piece of inspired salsa groove all along. Like the rest of the whole album.

Musicians :
José Mangual : Bongo, Guiro, Cowbell, Tamborim - Carlos Valdez: Conga, Tamborin - Bobby Rodriguez : Bass - Luis Ortiz : Trumpet, Synthetizer - Dick Meza : Tenor Sax, Flute - Jimmy Knepper : Trombone - Keith O'Quinn : Trombone - Artie Azenszar : Piano - Rubens Bassini : Pandiera, Cowbell, Tamborin


1. Mai Kinshasa
2. Dreamy
3. Chinatown
4. Summit
5. More
6. Black & Brown Boogie
7. Sunrise PRince
8. Bamba A Puerto Rico

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pollux said...

Jose Mangual - Buyu (1977)

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This is great, thanks a lot

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Thank you.

Simon666 said...

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I added a link back to here in a recommendation post

Robert said...

thanks for this...I'm visiting your blog due to Simon's recommendation and I can't wait to explore it!!

pollux said...

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment !

benjamin said...

such a great album... just found the sealed record! why it hasn't been opened and listened to in 32 yeasr is beyond me..

thanks for posting mp3s and saving me the hassle of digitizing the record.


Rob Toledo said...

Very good LP, thanks

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So Sweat Sounds

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