Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roy Porter - Jessica (1974)

Funk Lp recorded by drummer Roy Porter in 1974 for Vistone label. Includes the famous "Jessica" with a both latin and funk flavour. Very groovy brass section playing various styles.

Here I just propose to you in streaming format the side A of this album since side B of my Lp has many scratches that I could not remove and is not in a very clean state. Anyway, the second side is not the best of the album in my opinion but ok that's no excuse ;)
If someone has a full recording of this Lp in a good state then it would be appreciated.

Musicians :
Roy Porter: drums - Jimmy Holloway, Leslie Hargrove: guitar - Tollie Moore: electric piano - Bob Davis: irgan - Charles Jones: Fender bass - Oscar Dye: congas - Hense Powell, James Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn - Lester Robertson: trombone - Jack H. Fulks: tenor sax, flute - Sone' Campbell: tenor sax

Jessica - Funky Twitch - Hip City - Hense-Forth (excerpt)

1. Jessica
2. Funky Twitch
3. Hip City
4. Hense-Forth
5. Drums For Daryl
6. "Wow"
7. Ooh-La-La

link added: see in comments, thanks to myfavouritesound's blog !!


DJInnaSoul said...

here you go brother

give thanks

pollux said...

great stuff DJInnaSoul, THANKS for your upload !!

DJInnaSoul said...

Credit is not mine my friend, credit to the guys at MyFavouriteSound.

It's a superb album and I'm happy you are getting a crisp burn of it man.

Buns O'Plenty said...
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Sala said...

dizzit! not available.. please upload if someone has it

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Anonymous said...

pass: myfavouritesound

Anonymous said...

The vocal version of "Jessica" can be found here

Passwords are:

KidcaL said...

Can someone kindly repost the vocal version of Jessica in 320 if possible, or any high rate version. Thank you so much!!!