Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brian Augers's Oblivion Express - Straight Ahead (1974)

One of the best and most jazz funk-oriented albums (with "Closer To It") by Oblivion Express (just my opinion). And showing Brian Auger playing much fender rhodes, which I particularly appreciated since I've discovered (quite long ago now !) the "Thrust" album by Herbie Hancock's Headhunters.
While I'm not particularly a fan of the vocals by Brian Auger, it is important to listen enough to each piece (a bit more than 2 minutes as for "Beginning Again" for example) to see how groovy and inventive this musician can be, accompanied with this excellent rhythmic session.
"Bumpin' On Sunset" is the only completely instrumental piece and reminds by its arrangement of the Wes Montgomery cover, with a deep organ touch.
The last piece "You'll Stay In My Heart" is the mellow one of the album and Brian Auger then delivers an inspired rhodes solo.

Musicians :
Brian Auger : organ, fender rhodes, piano, moog, Freeman string machine and vocals - Barry Lean : bass guitar - Jack Mills : guitar - Lennox Laington : congas - Steve Ferrone : drums - Mirza Al Sharif : timbales, percussion

Beginning Again

You'll Stay In My Heart

1. Beginning Again
2. Bumpin' On Sunset
3. Straight Ahead
4. Change
5. You'll Stay In My Heart

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pollux said...

Brian Augers's Oblivion Express - Straight Ahead (1974)

Bootzilla said...

Cet album semble fameux, je vais l'écouter de ce pas…
Merci !

Zs said...

Great music and excellent LP transfer, but the sound are half tone deeper and slower. I think, the LP player is lazy :-)

Radek said...

A very fine and groovy album. Thanks a lot!

Ms.BeatJunkie!!! said...

awesome, great gem and share.