Friday, May 22, 2009

Jackie McLean - Music From The Connection (1959)

Pianist Freddie Redd composed this music for the Jack Gelber's "The Connection" play and recorded it for the mythical BLue Note jazz label with saxophonist Jackie McLean in 1959. One word about the play : it deals with a jazz band of junkies that are waiting for their "fix". The atmosphere, actor's play and of course music describe the despair of their condition and show the steps of excitment, sadness and excess.
Jackie McLean's playing is warm and reaches a full and deep inspiration thanksfull to the melancholic melodies of the album and clean rhythm section where Freddie Redd takes nice solos.

"Time To Smile" is the optimistic tune of the album, showing the excitment for an addict to get what he wants.
Time To Smile

"Theme For Sister Salvation" begins on a march rhythm and quickly gets into a sad but beautiful ballad.
Theme For Sister Salvation

Musicians :
Jackie Mc Lean: alto sax - Freddie Redd: Piano - Michael Mattos: bass - Larry Richie: drums

1. Who Killed Cock Robin
2. Wigglin'
3. Music Forever
4. Time To Smile
5. Theme For Sister Salvation
6. Jim dunn's Dilemma
7. O.D.

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