Thursday, December 23, 2010

Timing n°11 [De Wolfe]

It seems that this album fits quite well with Christmas and this spirit many would like to find out and keep inside. Childish pieces alternate with strange or more relaxing moods. And you even find an easy jazz waltz and a samba tune at the end of B side.
lp was released in 1976 on De Wolfe Music records (for In Editions label).
A side is composed and recorded by Daniel J. White, B side by Allan Feanch.

Good Morning Julie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

We're #1 - The Perfect Circle (1977)

Rare lp relased by an obscure soul funk combo on Inner City Records in 1977 and produced by George Semper.

Featuring :
Carl (c-man) Walker: lead guitar/percussion/vocals/rhythm guitar - Clyde (czar) Dixon: lead vocals/guitar/percussion/background vocals - Dave (the world) Parnell: tenor/alto saxophone, flute, percussion - Flemmon Green Jr. (ratts): fluegelhorn/lead vocals/percussion/trumpet - Jimmy Smith (jimbo): congas/vocals/latin percussion - Ed (muff) Lyons: electric fender bass/percussion - Ed James (e.j.): drums (traps)/tenor toms/cabasa/vocals - George Semper: clavinet/fender rhodes/hammond organ/piano/string ensemble

This Love Is Mine

The Hands Of Time

Friday, December 3, 2010

Etienne Cap And His Orchestra - Flight Of Fancy (ISST 136)

This rare album by trumpetist Etienne Cap and his Orchestra was recorded on Intersound label (70s).
It contains some jazz funk tracks as the damn groovy "Take a Taxi" and the jazz-funker "Pass The Pepper" that can be found on now out-of-print french jazz funk compilations Funk De Luxe and Opération Héritage.
The lp also contains some easy bossa mid-tempo tunes but also some more cheesy compositions among them.

Musicians are :
Etienne Cap: trumpet/fluegelohrn/arrangement/production - Pepe Solera: tenor/soprano/alto saxophone, harmonica, flute - Thomas Strasser: electric and acoustic guitars, synthetizers - Eric Stevens: electric and acoustic bass - Ladia Basé: piano, fender rhodes, synthetizer - Alan Waterson: drums, percussion, syndrums - Freddie Santiago: percussion, Christian Finck: leader of the string ensemble

Here are two previews.

Flight Of Fancy

Take A Taxi

Steve Grossman - Born At The Same Time (1977)

This one is a very nice spiritual jazz album released on OWL records label in 1977 and recorded by tenor/soprano saxophonist Steve Grossman with a solid quartet featuring Daniel Humair on drums, Patrice Caratini on bass, and Michel Graillier on piano.
It seems that the CD reissue included "Lord Jesus Thinks On me" not available on the original vinyle edition.
Here's on preview one of the 9 tracks ripped from the LP.

March Nineteen