Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny Pate - Outrageous (1970)

Outrageously great soul jazz session by composer & arranger Johnny Pate, who also released some blaxploitation movie soundtracks like "Shaft In Africa" (plus other Shaft OSTs) and "Brother On The Run".
Great all-stars combo. Recorded in 1970 for MGM records.

Snooky Young: trumpet - Montegro Joe: Conga - Al grey: trombone - Bernard Purdie: drums - Marky Markowitz - Chuck Rainey: bass - Cornell Dupree: guitar - Joe Beck: guitar - George Devens: percussion - Jerome Richardson: flute - Thomas Mitchell: trombone - Richard Tee: organ - Ernie Royal: trumpet

Constant Wind - That Ain't Too Cool

1. Outrageous
2. Constant Wind
3. That Ain't Too Cool
4. Frustrating Disappointment
5. Bound To Happen
6. No Hang Ups
7. Patience
8. You're Starting Too Fast
9. Totally Unexpected
10. Sangria

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