Monday, June 29, 2009

Roland Kirk - Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith (1967)

One among the less adventurous and by consequence more "conventional" recordings by the great "showman" and multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk (Aug. 7, 1935 - Dec. 5, 1977), this album was released in 1967 for Verve label. Roland Kirk had the particularity to be able to play together several brass instruments including tenor saxophone, flute, manzello, stritch, castanets and some others.
But on the opposite of his habit, on this one he plays many instruments at the same time only sporadically. And this shows even more how outstanding his talent was and that he could be compared with many other great saxophonists.
Indeed it confirms that his playing was not only a batch of demonstrations about his ability to play several instruments even though he was one of the best (maybe the best) to possess this particular artistry to push back the frontiers of music.

The album contains two ballads, the Burth Bacharach's "Alfie" and the beautifully sad eponymous title, and also two blues, "Blue Rol" and the hot "Fallout". The bossa "Why Don't They Know", and more post-bop oriented "Stompin' Ground" or "It's A Grand Night For Swinging" are also part of these nice numbers.

Somehow, it is maybe one of the more "classic" albums by Roland Kirk and also certainly one of the more overlooked ones.
But of course be sure to dig out also "I Talk with The Spirits" or also "The Inflated Tear", etc. among all the quality albums this exceptional musician recorded.
Note the young Lonnie Liston Smith, then aged 27 and some years before his spacey electric sets, was on piano.

Musicians :
Roland Kirk: tenor saxophone, flute, stritch, manzello - Lonnie Liston Smith: piano - Ronald Boykins: bass - Grady Tate: drums

Alfie - Why Don't They Know - It's A Grand Night For Swinging

1. BLue Rol
2. Alfie
3. Why Don't They Know
4. Silverization
5. Fallout
6. Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith
7. Stompin' Ground
8. It's A Grand Night For Swinging

This album has been reissued in Lp format and also in a 2 albums CD package including the album "Rip, Rig and Panic".


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