Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yuji Ohno - Castle Of Cagliostro (1983)

This weekend I listened again one great japanese funk album from singer Tatsuro Yamashita, "Spacy", recorded in 1977. Just listen for pleasure some excerpts of this album on the let's get funk blog ("Solid Slider" is a killer).
You can also listen to the dope and rare Adventure Of Kohsuke Kindaichi album for still more great japanese funk on the pyrexscholar blog.
So today I wanted to share some stuff from one of my favourite japanese arrangers: Yuji Ohno. He is responsible for many 80's manga soundtracks as Lupin the 3rd, Captain Future, etc. His style is quickly recognizable, and is often mixing electric piano, flute, bass loops and other various sound effects that participate to a special atmosphere.
Here are some of the most groovy tracks from one of his recordings, Castle Of Cagliostro - not really his funkiest album but some really good moments and beautiful arrangements -, released for a movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki and recorded in 1983 for RCA Japan.

Towards The Patrol Of Line Variation

A Riddle Of Underground Waterworks

Tropical Wave Variation

1. Towards The Patrol Line Variation
2. Fire Treasure Variation I
3. Sneakin'
4. Fire Treasure Variation II
5. A Riddle Of Underground Waterworks
6. Fire Treasure Variation II
7. Strange Sensation
8. Fire Treasure
9. You are Like Breeze Variation
10. Widding
11. In The Lun-Lun Variation
12. Tropical Wave Variation
13. The Plot Of The Earl
14. Mystery Zone
15. Lone Wolf
16. Uncanny Night
17. Mysterious Journey Variation

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Simon666 said...

Some nice sounds here, thanks. Now to dig out the album :)

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Simon666 said...

took me a day to read your comment properly :) Many thanks Pollux.

Anonymous said...

wow just amazing!! thanks so much for sharing!!