Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J.C. Pierric - GO Vol. 1 (1001)

Previously I've posted an album released by French musician Daniel Janin featuring some of his best numbers. On this occasion I'd written some words about his friend and fellow musician Jean-Claude Pierric. J.C. Pierric participated to several libray music albums as "Go" (5 volumes, here is the first one), "Velvet Dreams", "News Boys" or "Delta Sound" for example, and also produced or played for some really rare and cult albums : Godchild, the Abrax albums, Harlem Pop Trotters ...

Concerning this today album, the first "Go" of the serie, the cover picture was taken on his excellent blog, but the rip presented here is mine.
There are few details about this album on the back cover which is as enigmatic as the nice but strange front cover.
Even the release year is not printed. Maybe end of 70's, beginning of 80's according to the electronic materials used in this full-of-inventiveness and very groovy disco / funk & easy library music.

M. Chadcar, J.C. Pierric, G. Gesina, V. Laitinen, M. Cron and P. Bernard.

Royal Society

1. Cinder Red Track
2. Mind For Sea
3. Feast Movable
4. Sweet Royal
5. Boggy Boggle
6. In Profusion
7. Chunk Loving
8. Simply Mamy
9. Aglow Life
10. Moving Kelpie
11. Royal Society
12. I'm Mirthful

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