Friday, June 19, 2009

Leon Thomas - Full Circle (1973)

Back to some great spiritual jazz / soul album with singer Leon Thomas (best known for his cover of "The Creator Has A Master Plan" with saxophonist Pharoah Sanders on "Karma" album), who released this Lp in 1973 for the excellent Flying Dutchman label. This album is a mix of deep soul and nice string arrangements conducted by Glenn Osser with a great all stars combo.
"It's My Life I'm Fighting For" is a long funk piece with nice solos. Includes also the up-tempo "Just In Time To See The Sun", the fast bossa "Balance Of Life (Peace Of Mind)" with some good electric piano by Neal Crecque + nice cover of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life".

Musicians :
Leon Thomas: vocals - Neal Creque: acoustic and electric piano - Joe Beck, Lloyd Davis: guitare - Richard Davis: bass - Bernard Pretty Purdie: drums, congas - Jimmy Owens: trumpet - Pee Wee Ellis: soprano sax - Sonny Morgan: congas, percussion - Joe Farrell: flute - Herbie Lovelle: drums - Richard Pablo Landrum: percussion + Strings

It's My Life I'm Fighting For (excerpt) - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

1. Sweet Little Angel
2. Just In Time To See The Sun
3. It's My Life I'm Fighting For
4. Never Let Me Go
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are
6. Got To Be There
7. Balance Of Life
8. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
9. What Are We Gonna Do?

P.S.: This album is available here.


Doug said...


I thank you for informing me(via Frisian's blog) of the reissue/remaster of the Turning Point albums.The 2 CD set arrived in the post today.I am listening to the first album as I peck this message.Mike Dutton has done a fine job remastering the albums.



Doug said...


I now note it was 'Anonymous' who provided the info.I am still enjoying the first Turning Point CD.I will put your blog on my blog list.


pollux said...

Hi Doug,
You're right this is some good stuff, so I take this opportunity to put the link for infos about this reissue posted in the Frisian's blog comment by Anonymous:

maybe it will help