Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daniel Janin - Vade Retro (1975)

Record released by Daniel Janin with his orchestra in 1975 for the legendary 70's french label "Les Tréteaux" (on which was released the very rare "Godchild" library album). Daniel Janin released several records under various aliases (Eddy Driver, etc.) on this quite eclectic label with his accomplice Jean-Claude Pierric and also collaborated with singer Nancy Holloway (check the stunning title "Hurt So Bad" recorded for the "Escale Party" album).
On this album you can find (hidden beyond some hits pop covers) some real killer funk gems typical of this french funk touch of the 70's like "Saramina", "Black Knight", or "Shout".
Note also the quiet cover of the Duke Ellington's Solitude.

Black Knight

1. Vade Retro
2. Chattanooga Choo Choo
3. Assez C'est Assez
4. Le Prince D'Amour
5. Shout
6. Ce N'est Pas Un Au Revoir
7. Vanina
8. Solitude
9. Saramina
10. Black Night
11. Coming Back Home
12. La Déclaration D'Amour

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Simon666 said...

Some great library stuff here, thanks a lot Pollux. "Black Knight" is a killer :)

Reza said...

Wow some album thank you , always loved this guy have a few from him , Mouvements Modernes, Super Success , The Sound of Daniel Janin all of them top albums

Much appreciated

pollux said...

thanks for your comments, there 's so much stuff to explore from this great arranger !

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thx for the link! great blog, i added you to my blogroll also

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Thank you.

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Dude, well decent album in every way, many thanks.

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Can you repost this? Please