Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The John Payne Band - The Razor's Edge (1978)

Solid jazz funk record released by saxophonist/flutist John Payne and his band for Freedom Records (FLP 41036) in 1978. Includes some great and spacy fender rhodes / bass / percussion stuff with very groovy rhythms.

Musicians :
John Payne: tenor / soprano / bariton sax, flute - Louis Levin: fender rhodes, acoustic piano, clavinet, synthetizers - Scott Lee: electric and acoustic bass - Gerald Murphy: tama drums / percussion - Ricardo Torres: congas, timbales, percussion

Sounds From The Sea's Edge

1. Lolita
2. Sounds From The Sea's Edge
3. Himiola
4. Ariadne
5. The Razor's Edge
6. New Spaces
7. Electric Lush
8. Past Days
9. Reaching

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pollux said...

bloody skycreeper

Quimsy said...

very cool LP - thank u

Simon666 said...

nice stuff pollux, many thanks :)

pollux said...

Thanks for your comments guys ;)

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

thank you.
I was looking for it.
great blog!

Mp3 said...

I DON'T FIND DOWNLOAD BUTTON, HOW CAN I GET THIS??!! please help, this is awesome album

pollux said...

hi, you just have to click on the link in the 1st comment then enjoy ! Cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

Megaupload is dead :(

Unknown said...

I got turned onto this bands albums from a cousin who was a promoter. For sure would've never heard the on the radio.
I got to see them perform at The Marble Bar in Baltimore.
They still sound great today, Razor's Edge plus the other few albums they put out.
I wish someone would upload more of them on You Tube.