Friday, June 12, 2009

Les Givrés (Musique Originale Du Film - 1980)

Ok ... I can admit the sleeve of this obscure 80's french movie - whose title make think about the classic (in France !) serial movies "Les Bronzés"- is not really attractive. But this record released in 1980 on Baret label presents some kind of unexpected french disco curio like "Arco Disco" and "One Day Each Day" (but also more easy pop music that one could call "typically french" music ...).
"Nathalie Thème"'s vocal part can briefly remind of some Cortex-like songs (just an excuse to make a reference to this great french 70's funk band, if you don't have them then you just have to purchase their 3 first monster Lps !).
The compositions were written by Jean-Pierre Bouaziz and Yves Dessca and arrangements were performed by P. and A. Francfort and Jean-François Boudinou.

Nathalie Thème

Arco Disco

One Day Each Day

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Studio78 said...

I actually had the movie poster in my childhood! Haven't seen the movie though.
It seems the DL link in the comments doesn't work. Could you fix that? Would be great to hear the soundtrack. Thanks for a great blog with so much great music :)

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Hi Studio78,
Many thanks for your comments, it's really appreciated !
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