Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Martin Circus - Acte II (1971)

"Martin Circus" was a quite popular band in France during the 70s-80s for those who are today at least more than 35 or 40 years-old (not my case yet but not so far !). They were firstly known for their live performance album "En Direct Du Rock'n Roll Circus", released in the end of the 60s. After that they recorded some hits in the 70s and 80s as for example 'Je m'éclate Au Sénégal", "Marylène", "Tremblant De Fièvre", etc. that were largely broadcasted on radio stations.

Most of their work can be classified between some real progressive music (with a clear Franck Zappa's inspiration) and more pop songs that were more or less commercially-oriented. But the fact is that this band often tended to experiment new things and brought new sounds to the french rock scene of this period, particularly in the beginning of their carreer.
That is what this double Lp-album, "Acte II", released in 1971 for Vogue records, deals with. Despite of the demoded vocals (but funny too, in "Je m'éclate Au Sénégal" for example: "Je n'sais même plus où est ma copine de ch'val avec qui j'ai pris un bain de minuit, à poil sous la lune ..." well, french people will understand), this Lp is a mix of crazy vocals, nice progressive rock and pop arrangements and orchestrations ("Pourquoi Tous Ces Cris", "Poussières", "J'ai Perdu" - groovy wah wah guitar in the second part -) mixed with some bossa ("Le Tromblon Magique"), jazz and funk touch ("Hyznogod", "O' Secours Bob").
Anyway, a rich album and quite an overlooked one too.
And an opportunity to pay tribute to Gérard Blanc who died this year, on January 24, 2009.

Musicians :
Gérard Blanc: vocals, guitar, percussion - Bob Brault: bass, flute, percussion, vocals - René Guérin: drums, violin, percussion - Sylvain Pauchard: organ, piano, vibraphone, vocals, accordion - Alain Pewzner: guitar, organ, percussion, vocals - Gérard Pisani: buggle, saxophones, flute, clarinet, trombon, percussion

Je M'éclate Au Sénégal

Le Tromblon Magique

O' Secours Bob

Disc 1 :

1. Boudjateelack
2. Pourquoi Tous Ces Cris
3. Chevauchée Fantastique
4. Poème
5. Ti'Bill
6. Poussières
7. J'ai Perdu
8. J'Suis Une Groupie
9. Ouvrez Vos Mémoires

Disc 2 :
10. Je M'éclate Au Sénégal
11. Le Tromblon Magique
12. Hyznogod
13. Images
14. A Dada Sur Paranoïa
15. Façon De Parler
16. O'Secours Bob
17. J'aimerai Bien Te Faire Flipper Un P'Tit Peu
18. Ma Guitare

album is available here for example to get a cleaner copy. It was also reissued in CD format but is regularly out of stock.


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Hi, do you by any chance have "Acte II" from Martin Circus
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