Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marcos Valle - Nova Bossa Nova (1997)

Late work by Marcos Valle released in 1997 on Farout records (go to visit for more stuff)
Ideal brasilian stuff for summer thoughts :) I particularly like "Nordeste" for its nice rhodes solo and also the fast "Bar Ingles". Enjoy ...

Novo Visual

1. Novo Visual
2. Abandonu
3. Cidade Aberto
4. Bahia Blue
5. Nova Bossa Nova
6. Nordeste
7. Bar Ingles
8. A Vontage

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Simon666 said...

It took me a while to accept his later stuff .. but this was the one that hooked me, great stuf, bought it back then ...

Arthon Thorys said...

Hi there! How can we download this stuff? Where´s the link? Thanx a lot!
Peace and Blessings.