Saturday, August 8, 2009

George Muribus - Brazilian Tapestry (1976)

This nice brazilian jazz lp was recorded by pianist George Muribus in 1976 for Catalyst records.
Actually, as the liner notes say, it can be separated into 2 parts: first side is more oriented to brazilian electric sounds while side B is accoustic and played on a very inspired piano / bass / drums jazz mode. To me, kind of a classic.

George Muribus: electric piano (side A) / accoustic piano (side B) - Michael Howell: guitar - Vince Denham: saxophone - Vince Lateano: drums - Willie Colon: conga - Dave Dunaway: bass (side A) - Len Lasher: bass (side B)

The Dolphin

1. Brazilian Tapestry
2. I Won't Last A Day Without You
3. The Dolphin
4. Pocrasni
5. Diminishing Returns
6. Night Flower
7. Alon


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not too many pinoy jazz albums around. thank you so much for sharing.

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Thanks Pollux, I'm interested in any album with Michael Howell on guitar.

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You know something more about this pianist?. I'ts just impossible to find some info about him.

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Indeed you're right there is few info about him on the web ! I only know that he played as a sideman with Latin rock combo named Azteca (I uploaded their eponymous lp some months ago). He also recorded some more albums as a leader : "Trio '77" and "Introducing" (i've never seen this one).
I found HERE a short spanish review about him if you're interested !

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