Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scope - II (1974)

Nice dutch jazz rock album by Scope band released in 1974 for Atlantic records.
This group recorded only 2 albums, first one was more oriented to progressive rock music.
This one is a good blend of jazz rock effects with a really solid rhytmic section and interesting pieces and solos.

Rick Elings: fender bas guitar, hammond organ, arp synthetizer, grand piano, gemeinhart flute - Rob Franken: fender rhodes, piano, arp odiseey synthetizer - Rens Nieuwland: guitar, 12 string guitar - Henk Zomer: drums

High Checker

1. Tamotua
2. Frisky Frog Funk
3. Shuttle Service
4. Ant-Artica
5. Big Ferro
6. High Checker
7. Shuffle Funk Dog
8-9. The Zebra Part I/II

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pollux said...


Simon666 said...

Some nice stuff on this, thanks Pollux!

thoth said...

thank you so much for sharing. rob franken is usually a sign of a good fusion album.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is not a German but a DUTCH group, LP produced in Germany yes....

pollux said...

thanks D.J., you're right, it's a group from Zwolle, I fixed it

cheers ;)

tjaptjap said...

Hey Pollux, great to see ya.
Fantastic album you posted here, really LOVE Scope. I'm in touch with the drummer Henk Zomer and will get copies of his Scope cd's.
He's also working on an official release of both Scope albums.

BTW, please contact me on

pollux said...

Hi tjaptjap, thanks for your comments !
I'll contact you to know more about those Scope albums, that sounds cool


Anonymous said...

this is sad all the megaupload links is down because the site is closed!!! now???