Saturday, August 1, 2009

Camille Sauvage - Caminou (MON26)

Nice and rare 70s curiosity, this french library Lp was released by Camille Sauvage on Creasound records. Includes nice arrangements with flutes, clarinets, ondes martenot, bugle, trombone, organ, saxes, vibraphone, guitars, percussions, etc.
Pieces go from classic, folk to easy listening music or jazz - no funk here except maybe on "Helga" and "Moulin A vent"-.

Moulin A Vent (Wind Mill)

1. Les Caminou
2. Carillon Rose
3. Baby Polka
4. Bebe Reve
5. Miss Berlingot
6. Pierrot Et Colombine
7. Bateau Mouche
8. Maison De Poupee
9. Les Petits Soldats
10. Helga
11. Noel En Autriche
12. Les Elfes
13. Moulin A Vent (Wind Mill)
14. Le Petit Train
15. Guimbarde Western

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pollux said...


Simon666 said...

kinda dark in an odd way? Can see some of this in a David Lynch film ? Preview track is great. Thanks!

pollux said...

Hi Simon, actually this lp is quite hard to define - kind of library music with a child spirit -, sounds a bit like Janko Nilovic's work on "Musique pour les enfants sages".
I don't know if some of this could be seen in a David Lynch movie, but maybe yes I see what you mean ...
Anyway i'm glad you enjoyed the preview, and by the way I'm currently enjoying your great Elvin Jones posts.
Thanks also !

el_topo said...

Thanks so much for this one.
Windmill is my tune.

Anonymous said...

Very Strange Record.
But Beutiful!
Thanx A Lot

Nikki said...

It is strange, but I'm biased to French Library so I like it. Thank you

the saucer people said...

If you ever have the inexplicable urge to begin posting again - this would be the perfect album to re-post - I lost my rip in a hard drive crash and I would love to hear this again so much.