Sunday, August 23, 2009

H. Rierat / M. Santini - Rafraichissant (Musax 100 016)

Fresh and rare french library album that begins with the groovy "L'Oeuf Dur" and then goes on with some nice easy jazz bossa sound.
No information about the musicians : flute / electric piano / bass / drums
Recorded on Musax label (early 80s).

L'Oeuf Dur

1. L'Oeuf Dur
2. Quart De Rouge
3. Tortilla Espagnola
4. Escalope Milanaise
5. Onko Le Roi
6. Canaris De Rechange
7. Epinards Rouges
8. Lèvres En Bois
9. Poucet Le Chat
10. Reglisse The Cat
11. Sortie De Boule
12. Petite Perle
13. La Belle A Laurence
14. Les Bonnes Notes De Valerie


pollux said...

glou glou

Simon666 said...

Nice one, thanks Pollux :)

Anonymous said...

wow musax! nice post, thanks a bunch

now if i could only find

José Pharos, Paule Giner - Boucles Rythmiques (Musax 100.014)


pollux said...

you're welcome, well "Musax 100.014" seems to be very rare, I've never had the chance to listen to it but 'd like a lot!

Anonymous said...

there was a clip on digger's digest a while back, believe me its amazing and worth digging for.

Agent Double said...


Maciko said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce trésor

pollux said...

merci pour le commentaires, en tout cas dur dur de trouver du Musax mais c'est ce qui en fait en partie tout le charme

A.A. said...

Hey! I feel stupid as i can't find the link for the LP download! Please gimme a sign!

Thanks for sharing music like this.

pollux said...

hi A.A., have a look at the 1st comment ;)

Anonymous said...

thanx pollux i,m new to your blog ,, great shares thank you

pollux said...

you're welcome moneymizzle, thanks to you for your comments ! I'll be back