Friday, July 24, 2009

Christian Gaubert - Last Exit (1979)

A "must have" and nearly classical french funk album originally released in 1979 by Christian Gaubert for RCA label. It was reissued on 2006 on Japanese Production Dessinée label.
No need to present this gem for knowers, really every track is a killer.

"Sweet And Fool Like A Child" was a also compiled on the Funk De Luxe compilation released in 2001 for Hutch Production.

See credits here.

You can buy it here or here in reissued CD or Lp format or original Lp format.

Sweet And Fool Like A Child

Sweet Marilyne

1. It
2. Man On a Wire
3. Sweet And Fool Like A Child
4. Going Ups And Coming Downs
5. Sweet Marilyne
6. Keep On! Keep On!
7. We're Together
8. Running Wave


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

excellent LP.
sweet maryline is so GOOD!

xensma said...

hi pollux,what about a link to download this one??i can't find it...thanks!

pollux said...

hi xensma, I have been planning to get this one for a long time, one of my friends has an original copy (see some auctions there) but not in good conditions, so i am not able to put a correct dl link, sorry.
The two excerpts were taken from compilations.

VPEX said...

Christian Gaubert - (1979) Last

pollux said...

thanks :)

Música para Gatos said...

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pollux said...

hi Jazzy, big thanks for your kind comments :)

thanks for your blog's link, it seems very rich, I will check it out deeper


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for these gems!
Great stuff!!!
This link no longer exists...error...
Can it be a re-up plesase?
Thanks again!
Kle from Greece.

pollux said...

hi, thanks for comments !! it seems Oufarkhan re-uploaded there :