Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet Colours (MON 40)

Rare and great library music album released on Creasound label bringing together compositions by Janko Nilovic, Pierre Sellin, Pascal Auriat, etc. It just sounds like a late french 60s movie with many wordless vocals and nice string arrangements. Just listen to Deliria, Ballade Pour Une Voix, the beautiful ballad Du Sable Et Du Vent or the nice well-named bossa tune Bossa Beach and you will see what I mean. If you're into french library music you should purchase this gem if you find it.

Trumpet On The Beach

A1 - Le Vent Dans Les Algues
A2 - Adagio Sur La Plage
A3 - Le Soleil Sur La Neige
A4 - Bossa Beach
A5 - Verseau
A6 - Ballade Pour Une Voix
A7 - Trumpet On The Beach
B1 - Ciel De Vacances
B2 - Snow And Tears
B3 - Du Sable Et Du Vent
B4 - Deliria
B5 - Soleil De Minuit
B6 - Concerto Pour Une Etoile


Anonymous said...

Nice album. Great blog, thank you for posting


DJ Idol said...

Wow! The preview track is amazing! Thanks for this one!

brother john said...

Many thanks for sharing this!