Sunday, October 31, 2010

Virus [OST] (1980)

Late 70s/early 80s saw the emergence of many post apocalyptic movies inspired from SF novels of the past decades. They were reflecting the ambient paranoia of this period of transition between the end of "flower power" insouciance and fear of a near apocalyptic future due to the threat of nuclear war. Of course it had become popular with movies as 1968's Planete of The Apes (and its psyche funk soundtrack) and then grew up with Mad Max or John Carpenter's Escape from New York.
Main theme is generally that whatever the level of technology human civilzation may have reached, human being will never get a full secure control on it and one day he will destruct himself and will go back to the original condition he never actually really left : an animal, only concerned by his more primary instincts.

Less popular Virus directed by japanese Kinji Fukasaku took also part in that new exciting although deeply pessimistic genre.
Now, back to this OST : LP includes solid jazz rock cuts, great orchestral arrangements and some vocals by Janis Ian on the main theme You Are Love. Teo Macero produced it.

Musicians :
Janis Ian: vocals, Chick Corea: keyboards, Larry Coryell: guitar, John Faddis: trumpet, David Sanborn: saxophone, Dave Valentin: flute, Kazumi Watanabe: guitar, Ron Carter: bass, Steve Gadd: drums, Steve Kahn: guitar, Dave Butterfield: saxophone, Wareen Bernhardt: keyboards, Dick Hyman: keyboards +
London Philarmonic Orchestra

Complete credits available here.


A1 - Adieu, Mon Amour
A2 - You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Cher)
A3 - Love Sweet Love
A4 - Bedroom
A5 - Sweet Truth
B1 - You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Cher)
B2 - MM 88
B3 - Marit
B4 - Struggle Is My Name
B5 - All To You

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Simon666 said...

Thanks Pollux, enjoying "Love Sweet Love" here :)

pollux said...

Hi Simon, thanks for your comments !

Ms.BeatJunkie!!! said...

love the break in this and the track period...those keyboards whew

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Just discovered the movie and soundtrack. Thanks for sharing.

红色的小喇叭 said...

been listening to this this afternoon, great tunes both tender and wild!
Teo Macero is really something, and look at these musicians:
kazumiwatanabe, ChickCorea+DavidSanborn, Dave Valentine Larry Coryell Lee Konitz...

"Sweet truth" preluded by "Bedroom" is my favorite:)