Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chris Hinze - Vivat Vivaldi (1970)

Dutch flautist Chris Hinze is well known by jazz funk diggers for Bamboo Magic, an album recorded in 1978 with the Chris Hinze Combination formation.
In Vivat Vivaldi released for CBS records in Netherlands in 1970, he provides a beautiful work by paying tribute to classic composer and virtuoso violonist Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741). He shows in seven cuts choosen among the compositions of the baroque italian genius a nice ability to give them a natural jazz flavour. For each piece, the theme is exposed then musicians deeply appropriate themselves its spirit.
"Vivace from Sonata n° 6" is a long groovy 10 minutes piece with Hammond organ and hypnotic bass that spreads a sweet bluesy atmosphere.
"Allegro from Sonata n° 1 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 1)" is an uptempo swinging cut. "Largo From Concerto in C Major" is played as a nice introspective ballad. "Minuetto I/II Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)" has a nice spiritual touch.
"Allegro From Sonata n° 5" closes the album with a piece that begins like a chamber music theme with spinet in background and ends on an uptempo jazz cut played with bongos and an oriental-style flute.
The original Chris Hinze Quartet is accompanied with some other studio musicians.

Musicians :
Chris Hinze, Hutÿra Ferenc & Govert Jurrianse: flute, Henk Alkema: piano / spinet, Rob Langereis: bass, Peter Ypma: drums, Rien de Reede: alto flute, Wouler Möller: cello, Cor Willems: Hammond organ, Wim Vanderbeek: bongos

But let the music speak with the first cut of the album.

Vivace from Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)

A1 - Vivace from Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
A2 - Vivace from Sonata n° 6 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
A3 - Allegro from Sonata n° 1 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 1)
B1 - Largo From Concerto in C Major
B2 - Minuetto I/II Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)
B3 - Largo From Part IV (The Winter) Of "The Four Seasons"
B4 - Allegro From Sonata n° 5 ("II Pastor Fido" Vol. 2)


Anonymous said...

by the way dear mr. Pollux this seemingly rare C Hinze album is realy worth listening? I realy don't know much about his discography once I own only his masterpiece Bamboo Magic and that very interesting "C Hinze plays the music of B Bacharach"-- his perfect style of playing is always great to my ears.. but here does he change something remarcable from Vivaldi's typical style?I'm a bit reluctant noticing there are no keyboards but it's also nearly the same --talking about the band members if I compare the Bacharach album with this one. anyways is just a question, thank you!!!with respect and admiration, Nick.

pollux said...

hi Nick, I confess that i'm not really a Vivaldi's specialist. But I find this album interesting, more jazz-oriented (and yes there are keyboards) to me than the Bacharach's one (that I also appreciate). Everybody cannot be fond of mixes of jazz and classical music but just give it a try and make your own opinion

All the best ;)

Anonymous said...

MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!hello again dear mr. Pollux thank you very much for the kind reply!!!well it doesn't matter because I'm not a big fan of Vivaldi but I AM A BIG FAN of C Hinze!!! I hope you are just fine after Christmas --I'm still sad because my H Mann cd hasn't arrived yet and I seriously fear tha.. but oh never mind well OF COURSE if you were so kind to upload it I'd love to try it!!! and maybe --if I don't ask too much if so, then I apologize!!!-- as future plans maybe you would like to upload other good C Hinze albums, others of course than Bamboo Magic and this one.. btw I don't know if you've already known this blog I guess is it's realy a great blog I'm not sure about the precise url if it's double "s" or simple "s" I'll check it out later.
wish you all the best dear mr. Pollux and of course I 'm very excited to listen to this C Hinze interesting album but of course only if you allow!!!.
with much respect, admiration and apreciation Nick.see you later!!!