Friday, January 29, 2010

Billy Foster - Reflections (1989)

Here is a solid and fresh jazz trio LP (with some nice vocals and trumpet on some tracks) recorded by pianist Billy Foster for Equistar label in 1989. That kind of disc that sounds so obvious at first listening. My favorite is the beautiful ballad "Dedication" sung by Sharmaine Congress but the whole album has a very cool flavour to me.


Billy Foster: piano - Bruce Evans: bass - Jeff Brown: drums - Glenda Eskew :vocal on B2 - Sharmaine Congress : vocal on A3 - Dr. Odies Williams III: trumpet on A4


1. A Swing Thing
2. Sunrise
3. Dedication
4. Straight Strut
5. Prism
6. Dreams
7. Just Now
8. Steps

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Unda said...

Amazing! Thanks so much!

pollux said...

hi Unda, you're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

could you reup this post or send it by mail to many other albums to share thanks a lot

pollux said...

Actually the link is still available in the 1st comment (click the point). Here it is : reflections

miamia said...

This is perfect! Just at home enjoying and appreciating the art and dedication.. MIA