Saturday, February 20, 2010

Toshiyuki Honda - Burnin' Waves (1978)

This classic LP by Japanese saxophonist and flutist Toshiyuki Honda was released in 1978 on Electric Bird label for Inner City records.
Of course it includes the breezy "747 Wind Flight" but also some nice breaks on the album's funky eponymous title, Sao Paulo and "Thunder Kiss".

Musicians :
Toshiyuki Honda: alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute -Bob Wilson: drums, percussion - Pauline Wilson: vocal (side2-2) - Larry Williams: electric piano, mini moog, oberheim, polyphonic, percussion - Jerry Hey: trumpet, fluegelhorn, percussion - Gary Herbig: tenor sax, alto sax, alto flute - Ken Wild: electric bass - Bud Nuanez: electric guitar - Eiji Arai: trombone (side 1-4 / side 2-2,3) - Tadaomi Anai: percussion side 1-4 / side 2-2, 3 - Chikara Ueda: arrange, conduct

747 Wind Flight

A1. Burnin' Waves
A2. All-Night Rendez-Vous
A3. Thunder Kiss
A4. You Blow My Heart Away
B1. Just A Dream Away
B2. Havana Candy
B3. Sao Paulo
B4. 747 Wind Flight


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Bill said...

Had this back in the day, nice to have in digital. Thank you!

Laurent said...

Good to have a new song, it's been a long time ! Thanks Mister T ;) G...ouch... (who speaks exclusively in english now !!!)

pollux said...

Hi Bill, thanks for your comments! Yo G...ouch, nice seeing you still in the place ! Thousands of hugs :)

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... and do not forget G...ouch, play the game :)

Quadangle said...

Great record....would love to hear "Opa Com Deus"

pollux said...

Hi Quadangle, I'll try to get a rip of this one too

nadim_mah said...

anybody have an idea of where I can download or get this album in any way or another!! too good, just too good!

DJ Idol said...

Classic! If only I had found Burnin' Waves before The Alchemist did...haha