Monday, November 16, 2009

Vikings De La Guadeloupe - Dégagez Payez Impots (1976)

This quite rare lp from guadeloupean orchestra "Vikings De La Guadeloupe" was recorded in 1976 for Les 3A label. This group included bassist Pierre-Edouard Decimus and played both traditional music (let's say this band invented "zouk" music) and some more funk-oriented stuff. The two best pieces of this album are certainly the groovy and hypnotic "Funky Duke" and the latin "Ven A Comer".

Musicians :
Pierre-Edouard Decimus: bass - Camille "Soprann" Hildevert: saxophone - Max "Maxo" Severin : voice - Happy Lewis: trumpet - Guy Jacquet: guitar - Pierre Menade: piano

Funky Duke
Ven A Comer

1. Dégagez
2. Payez Impots
3. Goge A Yo Si Compte A Yo
4. Funky Duke
5. Magma Tension
6. Sauve Qui Peut
7. Pa Desesperé
8. Ven A Comer


Simon666 said...

This sounds great pollux :)
Thanks for the preview!

pollux said...

Thanks Simon, your comments are always appreciated :)

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Reza said...

looks good will check it out thank you

pollux said...

hi Reza,
hope you like it !

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Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up for this one?? :-/

Anonymous said...

any chance of a reup please?

Anonymous said...

I don(t know if you say, but It was one of the famous band of Guadeloupe! with a great saxo, Camille Hildevert "Soprann". When I was child, it was my groupe préféré; ces gars là avaient pour l'époque, une ouverture d'esprit extraordionaire dans le domaine musical; malheureusement, en Guadeloupe, les titres comme Shining star, funky dude, we are the people, n'ont pas eu le succès mérité mais maintenant, ils sont recherchés : ils étaient très en avance par rapport aux autres groupes de la Guadeloupe