Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sounds 80 (AMP 114)

Here is a nice little gem issued on Amphonic label and recorded in 1975 by some british library jazz funk cats of this area : Syd Dale, Steve Gray, among the most famous ones. This album offers up some classy and slick jazz funk themes all along larded with nice mellow arrangements.
To wit and do some useful commercials, some of the tracks of this album have been booted in a tasty Amphonic compilation that you can find here.

Long Time Gone


litlgrey said...

Why, thank you!

Andy said...

Yeh,thanks a lot,happy days

Maestro said...

Hello Pollux,
Thanks for this great jazzy album.

Here we go:
Frank McDonald / Chris Rae – Mean And Dirty
Label:Music De Wolfe
Catalog#:DWS/LP 3392
Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Funk / Soul, Jazz

I hope you'll like it.

pollux said...

Hi all, i'm glad you like it.
And Maestro, thanks for the link, great album indeed !


Anonymous said...

Hi Pollux,

Thanks again fro a great album. Good quality rip as well


CBlack said...

REALLY great. I have yet to hear an Amphonic album I didn't like.

Sellino Films said...

Long Time Gone... what an apropo title... this track jams me straight back to age 6, wandering big department stores with my mother in 1974... and it just keeps going... and going... and going. This, me deep in headphones, and the NYC subway = recipe for BLISS.

This track is too fat even for earbuds. You gotta have the real, sit on the outside of the ears cans for this one. I've already got this compilation, but thanks for hepping everyone else to it. Good, good times... mmm...