Monday, May 9, 2011

Plein Jazz

Here's one of the too much rare albums recorded by composer/leader Claude Cagnasso and his big band. This one is ripped from a rendition on Palm Vendémiaire label released in 1982. The album was originally released in 1977.
Tunes vary from modal, classy, latin, up-tempo swing to some jazz funk cuts as the groovy number The Mover.

Credits :
Tony Russo, Michel Barrot, Tony Brenes, Freddy Ovzepian, Michel Bos: trumpet - Jacques Bologonesi, Christian Guizen, Luis Fuentes: trombone - Maurice Sevrero, Bernard Camus: trombone bass - Francis Cournet: alto sax - Alain Hatot: alto tenor sax - Claude Thirifays, Jean-Michel Hervé: tenor sax - Gilbert Dal'Anese: bass - George Arvanitas: piano - Frédéric Sylvestre: guitar - Tony Bonfils: clarinet bass - Jean-Paul Batailley: drums - Jean Schulteis: percussions - Claude Cagnasso: leader - Pierre Goasguen, Guy Arbion: trombone - Patrick Bourgoin: alto sax - Maurice Vander: piano - Patrice Caratini: bass - Guy Bardet: trumpet - Benny Vasseur: trombone - Robert Castagne: trumpet - Gérard Massot: trombone - Gérard Berioz: percussions - Alex Perdigon: trombone - Christian Lete: drums - Teddy Hameline: alto sax - JF Leroux: conga - Didier Sutton: guiro

The Mover



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Simon666 said...

great stuff, thanks a lot :)

Tykal said...

Sounds tasty, thanksir.

Breezy said...

Heavy !

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot
i search it since a long time

excellent blog ang big job

pollux said...

Hi all, i'm glad you enjoy :)

Maestro said...

Hello Pollux,
Thanks for all jazzy albums.

Is there any hope you share the following one?


Frank McDonald / Chris Rae – Mean And Dirty
Label:Music De Wolfe
Catalog#:DWS/LP 3392
Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Funk / Soul, Jazz

pollux said...

Hi Maestro, sorry but I don't have this one !
Cheers ;)

boogieman said...

Hello Pollux,

superb big band!
It was originally released as "Five Compact". Here is the details of the sessions with the soloists highlighted for each number:

Do you have his other album(s)?

I'd like to put a link to your blog if you don't mind.
Thanks for all the great postings


pollux said...

Hello boogieman,

thanks for the comments, sorry but I only have this album from him.
I'll check out your links

Cheers ;)

dom said...

"The Mover" is a rip off of Herbie Hancock's theme for the film "Death Wish".