Friday, December 3, 2010

Steve Grossman - Born At The Same Time (1977)

This one is a very nice spiritual jazz album released on OWL records label in 1977 and recorded by tenor/soprano saxophonist Steve Grossman with a solid quartet featuring Daniel Humair on drums, Patrice Caratini on bass, and Michel Graillier on piano.
It seems that the CD reissue included "Lord Jesus Thinks On me" not available on the original vinyle edition.
Here's on preview one of the 9 tracks ripped from the LP.

March Nineteen



Dear Pollux, for UPP infos visit :


pollux said...

Hi Lysergicfunk, thanks for the link

soulbrotha said...

Pollux is there a link for this? The sample track is killer.

pollux said...

Hi soulbrotha, sorry but I've only posted a preview since the album has been reissued in CD format (with a different cover and one more track).
But you can listen to the whole album on deezer

soulbrotha said...

Gotcha. thanks for the tip! :)

Freaky said...

Introduction of the track is so nice, it announces really great album... Thanks