Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foehn - Faëria (1985)

After some months of musical abstinence, it has been some times I wanted to post this unusual and rare lyric jazz fusion album recorded in 1985 by an obscure formation composed by some known french musicians as saxophonist Sylvain Beuf.
Nice bass lines, spacey keyboards and electric guitar, jazzy saxophone with various rhythmics (jazz, syncopation, latin, ...) accompanied with 'Cortexish' vocals make this album an intimate voyage into darkness of heaven.


bass: Michel Boussiars, drums: Marcel Beaudry-Gal,guitar: Alain Blessin, keybooards: Philippe François, percussion: Jean-Manuel Belliard, saxophone: Sylvain Beuf, Vocals: Anou Belliard

A1 - Fœhn
A2 - Loreleï
A3 - Ludine
A4 - Licorne I
A5 - Nomade
B1 - Licorne II
B2 - Melba
B3 - Rétrodroïde
B4 - Faëria
B5 - Tadji's Song
B6 - Dernier Souffle



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Thank you! This is some good stuff.

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Great albums ....Thanks a Bunch