Thursday, September 16, 2010

Claude Thomain Et Son Orchestre Vol. 1 (1971)

Musicians as french Marcel Azzola or Richard Galliano gave the accordion a chance to have a place into jazz sphere, bringing a true nostalgia and authenticity proper to its sound. Such as Claude Thomain. This jazz accordion player was born in 1940 and played with many great french musicians of the 60's area. He recorded this LP on Epervier label. Maybe you already know the title "Un Soir De Blanco" recorded on "Dusty Fingers" compilations. This album brings you into a 60's detective movie atmosphere, sometimes dark, gloomy or passionate.
Antoher great mellow album.

Un Soir De Blanco

bass: A. Masselier - drums: A. Ceccarelli - guitar: M. Gesina - perscusion: M. Lorin - bass trombone: G. Vilain - trombones: B. Vasseur - C. Verstraete, F. Lusiez

A1 - Route Sans Tunnel
A2 - Flash Color
A3 - Un Soir De Blanco
A4 - Notes Vagabondes
A5 - Week-End Danse
A6 - Major Flash
B1 - Shaker Man
B2 - Deux Phares Dans La Nuit
B3 - Du Soleil A Gogo
B4 - Sorti De L'Ombre
B5 - La Caravane Rouge
B6 - Flirtissimo Blues


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