Sunday, May 6, 2012

Patchwork 53

Some typical library stuff from great film music composer Vladimir Cosma.

Folie Douce


litlgrey said...

Wheee! Thank you!

Mr. Banstead said...

I just found your excellent blog.Thanks for sharing all of this great and rare music!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

[(Sub)] said...


Simon666 said...

Thanks for this :)

laidbackinbethlehem said...

Really looking forward to hearing this one. Thanks. :-)

alex said...

Hi Friend. Good vibrations for you. The patchwork's lps are amazing. But, make my dream come true: repost the JC Pierric's Go vol 1, please!!!

Anonymous said...

great post and fantastic blog!!

would love to hear
Fabriano Fuzion - Cosmic Sindika (1982)
anybody know where i might be able to find a copy?

Anonymous said...


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